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There has never been an ideal time to be a studentpreneur than when you are in school.

Although a lot of people have dropped out of school to launch their personal business, this is an uncertain attempt that ought to be well planned and taken very serious.

There are countless individuals who have dropped out of school to start their own business and succeeded. However, the funny thing about these young entrepreneurs is that their companies do not employ college dropout.

Instead of being a school dropout and risking it all,

why not begin a part-time business while you are still a full-time student?

This is a perfect way to try out entrepreneurship on a smaller scale.

A good number of students more than ever before are launching their personal businesses while still in school, becoming young entrepreneurs.

These young entrepreneurs are classified as studentpreneur.

Consider the case of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, the young studentpreneur who right from age 6, began to earn money by creating their personal business called Franchise Mall

Franchise Mall - Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista

Presently, Franchise Mall has become a food chain business around the world. All of that because Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista’s creativity make Franchise Mall becomes an unique Business Model. One is their cartoon characters that always show up in every product they create.

This is very interesting, only a simple idea to put a cartoon characters into their product have drawn many investors that want to cooperation with them to license their cartoon characters. No wonder they become millionaires studentpreneur

These 11-year old siblings, started off their business with the help from their parents at the age of 6, and are both now the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Franchise Mall Group.

These award-wining kids are smart and intelligent, and have the right skills needed to successfully run their business.

They have also developed their business quite well and now, aim to serve globally.

Having said all, below are some outstanding business ideas you can make use of to become a millionaire studentpreneur

Offer coaching services

Among the best wages a college student can earn is to work as a tutor. Despite the fact that the majority of jobs on campus pay approximately $8/hour, coaching charges range between $30-$50/hour.

You could start the business by doing the tutoring yourself, which is a good start or you employ your friends to do the coaching, and match them with kids who need help while you deduct your percentage.

You can even set a flat fee you will be collecting each time you make a match. In that way, you have created your own coaching business.

To get customers, consult with counsellors and professors at local high schools. Create website page and drive leads to it.

Endeavour to ask for recommendations from family, friends and happy customers. Before you know it, you can offer incredible value to the neighbourhood.

Sell second-hand textbooks

A lot of college campuses have a book store with highly-inflated prices, and intelligent students now purchase used textbooks.

Immediately you have a used-textbook, it is very simple to sell.

You can sell it on or

Party or club promoter

Tell me who does not like partying?

Everybody does! We go to parties, hot girls, dancing and usually having a great time.

Therefore, why not provide them that service as a studentpreneur?

Approach a local club owner near your school, and see if you will be allowed to regularly host a party on an off-night.

Negotiate a deal with the manager or club owner, issue out tickets at reasonable prices, give some incentives and spread the word with the use of flyers as well as web 2.0 techniques.

Several businesses are available for you to start as a young entrepreneur. Begin by brainstorming and keeping a record with your ideas. Before you know it, you are on your way to becoming a millionaireStudentpreneur.

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