New York News 2016 : Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista Young Entrepreneur Of CFO & CMO Franchis

Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista

Young Entrepreneur Of CFO & CMO

Franchise Mall

Written by The New York News, May 10, 2016,

Franchise Mall,

An unique model business first visualized and conceptualized back in 2004.

It was launched by two small and super talented kids Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista with the guidance from their parents.

Both these kids have inherited business skills and acumen from their business savvy parents. While the kids are still studying at Temasek International School,

They like to follow their parents to meeting, meet clients, and any business related. Franchise Mall idea comes from the scratch by this two kids when following, seeing, hearing from what their parents did. To complete and to make the idea comes true, their parents hand this two kids and their idea to be managed by Rainbow International – The Holding Group Company that their parents run.

Franchise Peluang Baru Usaha Makanan Kuliner Kemitraan Bakso

Peluang Usaha Baru Franchise Makanan Kuliner Bakso

The kids are extremely smart for their age and also talented in its true sense.

They have been into business and management since they were six years old. Franchise mall, as it was named so because they intend it to grow into a multi franchise brand operating in world wide in a few years from now. All the products of Franchise Mall have an inbuilt animation character in them to make it more interesting. They target to secure the license for all these characters in a few years’ time. The most important challenge facing them is to create a coherent and long lasting trusted brand that everyone can recognize from their Franchise Mall.

But fortunately, for the kids, it hasn’’t been all work and no play, both Joe and his sister Jocelyn still can hang out with their friends of their age and have plenty fun times.

They’re just like an normally other kids of their age. The things that make them different from the others are their hard works and enthusiasm in business. Getting a business off the ground is hard and often feels like one obstacle after another.

You need a compelling ideas.

You need funding.

You need customers. You need to learn how to market the list of things you need is endless,

but perhaps the most critical thing you will need is people to take you seriously.

It can be hard to get that no matter what is your age,

but the kids got supported from the big company to face all the challenging. Following is the list of the awards that these kids have achieved at such a young age. 1. Franchise and Business Opportunity Best Seller Award 2010 2. Franchise and Business Marketing Award 2011 3. Franchise and Business Opportunity Fastest Growing Award 2012 4. Franchise and Business Best Choice Investor Award 2013 5. Franchise and Business Top Of Mind Award 2014 6. Franchise and Business Best Brand Award 2015 7. Franchise and Business Best Quality Award 2016 Official Instagram accounts :

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