Americas Great Deal News 2016 : Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs – An Extremely Inspirational Story

Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs

An Extremely Inspirational Story

By : Americas Great Deals

Hi friends, once again I have brought to you a new business,

in our series of introducing you to the world’s most remarkable businesses,

in terms of the owner's struggle, success within short terms, hard work, obstacles these great business persons overcame, and many other factors.

But none of them was as unique as the business persons that I am going to talk about today.


This is because our today’s heroes started their business at the age of 6!

Got a shock?

But it’s an absolute fact.

These are Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista – a brother and sister team – the young owners of Franchise Mall,

one of the most successful businesses in the world!

Franchise Peluang Baru Usaha Makanan Kuliner Bakso

The Story of Two Amazing Young Entrepreneurs

Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista started their business when they were as young as 6 years.

They got help from their parents who created a company for them named Franchise Mall Group in 2004.

Their mother, Dr. Megumi Sachiko, owner of Rainbow International,

The Holding Group Company, gave them valuable guidance to run the business.

And in the past 12 years, the company has gained an unmatched reputation and a name for itself because of the reliability that comes along with their great products.

Today, both the kids are designated as the Chief Marketing Office (CMO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Franchise Mall Group.

Peluang Usaha Baru Kuliner Bakso

Franchise Mall Group

Franchise Mall Group is an extremely successful food franchise.

The specialty of their food items is their unique and beautiful wrappers in the form of various own cartoon characters like Barbie, Minions, Disney characters and many more. This was a brilliant idea and of course,

it earned the kids quite well since the beginning of the company, because their designs were and are so matchless!

Peluang Baru Franchise Kemitraan Bakso

Understanding the Importance of Hard Work

What is so amazing about these kids is their hard work while still being so young!

They are of course well off, as their parents are successful businesspersons. Despite being born with a silver spoon in the mouth,

the kids know the importance of hard work and apply the same to make their business more and more successful.

Starting a company and making it globally successful at such a young age is not a piece of cake.

These kids are of course extraordinarily brilliant, intelligent and smart, and they have just the right skills and abilities to operate a business and take it to a global level.

With their great ideas and hard work,

they are sure to become millionaires soon!

Their outstanding talent has earned them several prestigious awards every year of their career as businesspersons, including Franchise and Business Opportunity Best Seller Award, Franchise and Business Best Choice Investor Award, Franchise and Business Best Quality Award and many more.

No All Work and No Play

The kids as you might think are not always working.

They study at Temasek International School, hang out with the friends of their age and play a lot.

But at the same time, they also attend business meetings, meet clients and do other business-related activities! I am sure,

this story is extremely inspirational for you and you would soon start planning to get success like them.

You can even join them and grow!

Visit their website to know more.

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